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Pre-requisites and other Requirements:

Each handler will be allowed to bring one K-9.
K-9s must be fully vaccinated and have health certificate
Limit of 6 handlers per course.
K-9s will be trained on the Short Rack, exposed to the Oral Bridge, and trained to transfer to the Oral Game with precision and accuracy.

Apprehension, Tracking, and Patrol for those attending the Dual Purpose Course

RULES FOR ALL School for Police Dog Handlers Courses

  • Absolutely no photographs or Video Taping of the course, participants, and or procedures without the consent of Randy Hare.
  • ALL FEES MUST be paid at the BEGINNING of the course and before instruction begins.
  • ALL students and participants will conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Dogs worked in the seminars and schools MUST have the drive necessary to complete the training.
  • NO griping, complaining, crying, fits, fighting, or talking about other dog people during the seminars or schools.
  • Each SCHOOL participant may bring one K-9 to the school and possibly two depending on the number of participants.

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