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Professionalism....quality...consistency and education all make Alpha K-9 a wise choice for your next K-9.


A proven track record and solid foundation of supplying safe and reliable K-9's to police departments across the United States and foreign countries make Alpha K-9 a wise and logical choice for your next K-9. Our dogs are typically Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd or Labrador Retrievers trained for either Dual Purpose (detection and patrol) or Single Purpose (Detection Only). Our single purpose K-9's come with a 3 week handlers' course and Dual Purpose K-9s come with a 4 week handlers course. THE HANDLERS COURSE IS NOT OPTIONAL. If you wish to just purchase the dog without the handlers course, please look elsewhere for you K9 needs. The handlers course represents approximately 1/3 the total price of the dog and is not optional. The Handlers Course will focus primarily on street situations and real world deployments. There will be a certification test offered for the detection portion of the training before departure from Alpha K-9. Alpha K-9 does not train for a specific patrol certification as there are literally dozens of them available. Alpha K-9 will offer one year of assisted training toward certification of the department's choice. It is recommended that the new handler practice and work his dog for at least 4 months before attempting a patrol certification. It is also recommended that the new handler realize that, while certification is important, great caution should be taken NOT to let the certification training jeopardize the dogs ability to perform street work. Alpha K-9s guarantee on health and working ability (barring there are no foolish influences by overnight experts) for one year from the beginning of the handlers course.

Types of Dogs Available:
Single Purpose Detection Canines (narcotics, explosives, firearms, other)
Dual Purpose Canine (Patrol and Detection)

For more information on what we can offer to best suit your needs please contact us.


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