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Route and Delivery Employee Safety Course
1 week course
$1500/student includes $500 course deposit, tuition and course materials

Limit 10 students per course.

Law Suits, injuries to employees, injuries to pet and fines from governing agencies are expensive and costly. Utilizing “Doggie Judo” employees will learn how to deal with threatening situations while working. Having the correct training and proper advice educates employees on how to deal with potentially dangerous situations and legal consequences.

UPS, Fed Ex, Utilities Companies, and Postal Workers are faced with dangers of being bitten by dogs each and every day. How they handle the situation is critical. Randy Hare has worked with aggressive dogs his entire dog training career. Having trained hundreds of guard dogs, police dogs, and home protection dogs has given him plenty of experience on the most effective techniques to avoid being bitten. In addition to teaching employees the most effective way avoid dog bites, this course also helps teach the employee how to handle the situation in a way that does not create further danger for the next delivery guy. Techniques are also focused on minimizing damage or injury to the dog itself, minimizing dog owning customer’s complaints and litigation. Utilizing a padded protection sleeve, each employee/student will learn techniques used in training dogs to bite, which in turn provides information and understanding about how a specific dog or situation should be handled. Details such as when to ignore the dog, when to avoid eye contact, how recognize defensiveness vs prey drive, when the dog is “bluffing, and how to read canine body language are all topics that are covered in this course.

Military Personnel ~ Your education at The Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers, including tuition and housing, may be covered by the GI Bill. Contact us for more information.


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