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Randy Hare has traveled all over the United States and to foreign countries to provide schools and seminars to those wishing to host either one. While Randy’s techniques and principals are growing in popularity ….so too is the demand for Seminars and Schools. The list of police dog trainers, search and rescue dog trainers, officers, task forces and drug units worldwide who have attended this course and are seeing the results of it, is lengthy and growing. The Detection Trainers Course has been taught to numerous government agencies including the FBI, US Military Special Forces and numerous state, county, municipal and other law enforcement agencies as well as search and rescue organizations and other professional trainers. No matter what your detection dog training requirements, whether they are for law enforcement, search and rescue, commercial substance detection or professioanl dog training, Randy Hare's "On Target" training sysyem can take your training to the next level and teach you how to develop an outstanding detection dog. 



Courses Available at Your Location are Listed Below:

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Courses Available to be Taught at Your Location:


* Three Day Detection Dog Trainers Seminar; held at host facility *

3 Days/$5000 includes $1000 deposit
We are typically able to work approximately 15 dogs; there can be an unlimited number of observers.

This seminar is an excellent orientation and introduction to Randy's On target detection training system. This course is designed to give the handler and trainer and excellent insight into this training method.

Seminar Overview

Day One Powerpoint Presentation and lecture on how the On Target method evolved and the difference in traditional methods commonly used.

Day Two Evaluating dogs for the practical portion of the seminar. Those dogs passing the evaluation will be utilized in the second part ofDay Two of demonstrating the use of the short rack.

Day Three Putting what the dogs learned on the Short Rack to practical use and moving to the outside world..

Note: Randy Hare can't and will not attempt to change your dog or you in the three day seminar. This Seminar is NOT a School and its purpose is to arm you with a course of direction to continue on toward the goal of improving performance

REQUIREMENTS for Hosting a Seminar

A deposit is required in order for Randy to reserve the agreed upon date for the seminar on the schedule. The remainder of the balance is due in full upon the completion of the seminar. It is highly recommended that the host collect deposits and/or payments from participants prior to the seminar.

It is the responsibility of the host to collect Seminar fees and to advertise for participation. Once the deposit is paid Randy Hare will include the details of the seminar on his website and actively promote the seminar. All fees collected by the host, over and above Randy Hare's fees, are retained by the host.

Randy Hare reserves the right to bring or invite additional instructors or participants.

The host must provide a training facility suitable for working multiple detection dogs. This would include a climate controlled room with electricity, lighting and enough room to work dogs (at least 30' X 40') as well as an outside area for practical work.

Host hotels and other events surrouding the seminar are the responsibility of the host.


** Three Week Detection Dog Trainer's School; held at host facility **

$5000/handler including $500 deposit
Occassionally Grants may be available for this School; please contact us for more details.

Randy's popular three week "On Target Detection Dog Trainers Course" is an excellent curriculum, teaching every aspect of "Randy Hare's System". It can be held in any qualifying location.

While three weeks is ideal for fully learning the training technique, under certain circumstances this course may be offered as a two week course. This will depend on factors such as the size of the class, the familiarity of the students with Randy's system and other considerations.

Detection School Course Overview: 

Week One:
Detailed look at principals of traditional detection dog training
Detailed look at theory and principles of the On Target Technique
Evaluating dogs for the On Target technique and scoring dogs for training
Handling techniques and principles
Teaching the dog to make odor association while utilizing positive fight drive
Utilizing the reward to teach the dog to resist distractions and temptations

Week Two
Shaping the behavior by utilizing the short rack
Shaping the final response to either active or passive response
Teaching the dog to work independently of the handler
Using positive fight drive to advance toward an oral response
Adding additional odors
Adding advanced distractions
Introducing the oral response on the short rack
Utilizing the detection boxes as a distraction

Week Three
Finalizing the oral response and beginning of the oral game

Moving the oral game to outside and to different environments
Proper use of puzzles to strengthen the K9's ability to locate hidden contraband
Moving to the outside world and transferring the dogs detection abilities to outside worl
Moving the dogs to the outside world and the utilization of the 80-20 ratio
Practical deployments in real world searches
Use and misuse of patterns
Practical deployments in high traffic situations
Final Exam

Requirements for hosting a Detection Dog Trainer's School:

Additional expenses may be incurred, depending on travel times, distance, flights, other events in the same area etc. These expenses, if any, will be agreed upon between Randy Hare and the hosting party prior to the start of the School.

There must be a minimum of four paying participants . The HOST will be credited 500.00 toward each (paying) student's participation in the School.  Participants can be solicited by the host and by Randy Hare in an effort to fill the class.

Each participant is required to pay a $600.00 non-refundable deposit upon registration for the "Trainer's Course". Fees for the Trainer's Course will be sent directly to Randy Hare with the balance to be paid at the beginning of the course.

Participants spots in the course are not confirmed until their deposit is received.

Randy Hare reserves the right to bring or invite additional instructors or participants.

The host must provide a training facility suitable for working multiple detection dogs. This would include a climate controlled room with electricity, lighting, and enough room to work dogs (30x40) as well as an outside area to perform some practical work.

Host hotels and other events surrounding the seminar are the responsibility of the host.


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