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About Randy Hare

Randy Hare is living his lifelong dream of working with animals and people. Experience and talent in dog training have landed him spots on regional television, in various K-9 Magazine articles, and on national television. In 1987 he appeared on “Late Nite with David Letterman” to perform a complicated trick he had taught his (then) six year old German Shepherd. Randy’s real start, in the late 1970’s, was training hunting dogs. Then, in the early 1980’s he attended a Professional Dog Trainers School where he gained a solid foundation in training dogs for Obedience, Protection, Police Dog Training, and Tracking. By invitation Randy returned to the school as an instructor for one semester, helping train other dog trainers.

While Randy continued to further his education into dog training, the school was his first professional experience with training dogs. In 1984 Randy opened his first training center in Monroe, Louisiana where he trained Obedience, Protection, Police Dogs, and Narcotics Detection Dogs. His very first police dog, trained for the Monroe City Marshall’s Office, finished 15th in the nation from a field of 140 dogs at the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) National Police Dog Trials in Detroit, Michigan. This accomplishment earned him an award from the Ohio Dog Training School, the first award of this kind to be given by the group. Then, after training hundreds of dogs, Randy became interested in police dogs and law enforcement. In police dog training he experienced his work in action : real criminal apprehension, real tracking, real detection work, real handler protection, and, last but not least, real obedience.

While still training dogs for private citizens, Randy trained and competed against other handlers and trainers with his personally trained police dogs while also competing successfully in Schutzhund competitions. In his first National Police Dog Trial, Randy finished 7th out of 150 top dogs in that year’s national event held in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This began a 5-year span of over 30 competitions where Randy won or finished in the top percentile in 96% of the competitions: those competitions were Police Dog Trials, Schutzhund Trials, and Narcotics Detection Dog Trials and involved four different self-trained dogs.

Randy says he now has a gift for learning from everyone he meets and from every dog he trains.“I went through a period early on when I thought I knew everything. I really grew as a trainer and a person when I faced the fact that you never stop learning and you never know it all. Thanks to a close and dear friend of mine, Walter “Buzzy” Tomlinson, for finally making me understand that. I believe the dogs that I have trained have probably taught me more than I have taught them.”

During Randy’s twelve years in Law Enforcement, Randy attended every major seminar (within reach) conducted by world class trainers from the United States and Europe. He learned what each trainer had to offer, combined the best of their styles and techniques with his own, and now shares his training method. Each dog he trains benefits from his experience and knowledge. Few trainers can match his EXPERIENCE, TALENT, and LOVE for training dogs, as shown by his “Recognition and Achievements” through national police k-9 organizations such as the National Police Canine Association and the United States Police Canine Association where he served as a judge for both organizations. Randy is now the proud owner of the Alpha Canine Training Center and the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers.

In 2004 Canine Training Solutions produced a DVD series demonstrating Randy's innovative and effective "On Target" way to train Detection Canines. This method is being seen as an undeniably more effective method for training dogs and is taking hold throughout the country as well as internationally. Randy has taught the "On Target" method through his School for Detection Trainers throughout the United States as well as internationally. Graduates of the program include the military as well as federal, state, and city law enforcement agencies and other canine training professionals. 

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About Lucy Newton

Lucy Newton came to the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers to serve as an instructor for the both the law enforcement as well as civilian canine training schools. She has assisted with numerous Randy Hare Detection Trainers Schools and has over 20 years experience handling and training dogs; primarily for police and search and rescue.She was involved in search and rescue for over 15 years, training numerous personal dogs for wilderness search and rescue as well as land and water human remains detection. She has deployed for hundreds of missing person cases in both urban as well as remote wilderness locations and provided training to hundreds of search and rescue dog handlers and their canines. Lucy also worked for over 10 years as a full-time police sergeant and police canine handler and handled multiple dual purpose patrol/narcotics canines full-time for her police department. All of her police and SAR dogs were raised and trainer by her from puppies. Lucy was a state certified police canine training instructor and served as a field training officer for her department. Lucy has received awards for life saving finds made by her working dogs; they have also had successful finds in human remains detection, evidence recovery and narcotics detection. Active in a variety of dog sports, Lucy also offers private coaching to sport dog handlers, specializing in helping handlers understand how dogs communicate and learn in order to create better performances as well as develop a better working relationship regardless of the venue. Lucy teaches tracking clinics throughout the United States and Canada, emphasizing a training philosophy similar to the Randy Hare Method of detection training; one that allows the dog to satisfy his drive and control his own avenue to reinforcement. Lucy is also an instructor of sport tracking and sport nosework for the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. The Academy offers interactive, video driven online training for a variety of dog sport activities. Lucy’s years of teaching and working with dog handlers, both civilian and law enforcement, makes her an experienced skilled teacher and communicator as well as dog trainer. Like Randy, Lucy is always attempting to further develop her training and teaching skills. Lucy has attended many training seminars and clinics and each one has added to her skills as a dog trainer. While still working as a police K9 handler Lucy attended one of Randy’s School for Detection Dog Trainers. Since then she assisted Randy in teaching numerous schools and upon the development of the Professional School for Dog Trainers, has come to work for Randy full time as an instructor and trainer.

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